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Canon MF644cdw dropped its paper feed rollers into the paper trays ...


Yes, this is an ID-10T error, and the ID-10T was me. 😄

Anyways, I was attempting to get clean the paper path and had pulled the paper trays. I also opened the toner tray. I thought perhaps the small lever on the left hand side would release additional components to be cleaned. Sadly, it did. 😞

Do not pull the small white lever.

So, I reassembled the printer after blowing it out. I went to print. No output. I checked the paper tray. That's when I found two 9" long rollers sitting on top of the paper. I have searched a few times and I can't find where these long, narrow rollers go. In addition, in straightening around my workstation, one of the rollers must have been thrown out. I can't find it, and I can't locate a comparable roller anywhere online.

I've checked for local Canon service places within 70 miles of me in North Central Ohio. They only deal with Canon's floor MFC's, not my desktop unit. Can someone either point me towards a service manual, or maybe just tell me *where I put the rollers*?! Bonus incense at your altar, and maybe even a goat sacrifice if you can point me towards a replacement roller? 😄

Again, the ID-10T was me, and I meekly pray for your guidance. 😄

-Joe G.



So, the printer apparently barfed out its two primary charge rollers ... That seems to be the matching part, which I've finally located, but a diagram for where it fits in the paper path is elusive. 🙂

Help, please, someone? 🙂

Groveling subserviantly,

-Joe G.

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