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Cannot Connect to MF733CDW with my MacBook Pro with OS 13.0.1, cannot find drivers


I recently updated the operating system on my Mac Book Pro to Ventura 13.0.1. I then went to the canon website and download the printer drivers for this Mac OS and installed them. Now I'm look for the drivers to update the printer connection and they do not appear.




The printer and scanner drivers are available in the downloads section on the product support portal:


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I've downloaded the updated scanner drivers and on my computer it says that the printer is connected and printing but nothing prints. 


I did go to the Canon website and download the appropriate drivers for my Mac with the latest Mac operating system, Ventura, 13.0.1 and installed them on my computer. The installation routine said that it was completed. The last step is to go to System Preferences , printers and scanners, open up the add new printers page, and the downloaded drivers should appear. They do not, hence I can not add them to my system and access the printer. I need to contact some person at Canon, but when I call the Canon Support Number that I have, ‭(800) 828-4040‬, I get an computer that tries to solve the problem, which doesn't work, and tells me the support area is closed. Does Canon have a live suport team, and if so, how do I get to them?


If you have already download and installed the drivers from the previous post and you are unable to add the printer, It could mean the computer needs a full shut down or restart to see the new drivers. After restarting the Mac, you can click the + at the bottom in printers and scanners and highlighting the printer. If the Mac is not able to select the driver so you can add the printer, you can try clicking on the USE drop down and choosing the option to select software. In the list of drivers that come up, you can scroll through to see if the printer model appears.

If the printer model does not come up or you are still unable to add the printer, I would suggest contacting support at 1-800-652-2666. The printer would need to be registered to a MyCanon account to call support. Our agents would be happy to assist with checking for any issues with the driver install.

Hello Ron,

  I'm not sure if this will solve your problem but try connecting the printer via USB and then adding the printer.  Afterwords, does a network printer show up as an option to add?  Good luck.