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Can the top paper feed and scan lid from a MF634CDW be installed on the MF641CW?


I have a mechanical damaged MF634CDW that I want to install the intact top paper feed and scan lid to the new MF641CW I just bought.


It looks like it will fit and the case has the opening for the cabeling to go into the printer.


Will the main board have the connector?

Will the MF641CW recoginize the newly connected paper feed and scan bar?

Will new firmware be required?

In none of these will work, would the main circuit board from the MF634CDW be able to install in the MF641CW and have the correct connectors and comunicate with the control panel and other components of the MF641CW?




Am I living in a dream world and the MF641CW not upgradable?


Thank you


Product Expert
Product Expert


Unfortunately, you would not be able to upgrade the MF641Cw. Our printers do not have the ability to upgrade by interchanging parts. If you have a problem with the hardware on your MF634Cdw, you can use the link HERE to access your My canon account to view your service options or you can contact support at 1-800-652-2666.