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C5760I: sending recognizable emails (myself@uniflow)


After the new office printers (C5760i)  were installed, they were all identified as Uniflow printers (instead of printer 1, 2, 3,...). Scanning + Mailing documents now composes an email that is unrecognisable in the headers. Whereas before the email would come from a certain printer sender ID (printer 1, 2 ,3 ...), they now all arrive from the same sender ID "myself@uniflow".


Outlook rules that were setup (based on printer IDs in combination with certain adressees) do not work anymore because the sender is allways the same. This makes it next to impossible to set up Outlook rules for regular reports that are being sent within the company. 


We can circumvent this by adding a message, subject. However this all has to be done manually with each scan/mail-job and makes it a tedious task.


Is it possible to give a standardised message / subject / sender ID /... to a certain printer to solve this issue? Other ideas?


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While our Forum Community members are welcome to chime in, Canon does not provide direct support for imageRUNNER series products, but your dealer will be able to help you!

If you don't have a dealer, please visit to locate the names of dealers who are in your area!



Would it be possible to use the "favorite settings" button in the scan/send menu to save certain settings (such as a subject, adressee,...)?



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