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Advice wanted regarding my Pro-4000


I have a lightly used but 4 year old Canon Pro-4000 that had the maintenance cart fill up.  I replaced the cartridge and the printer immediately started throwing EC21-2F51 errors. I tried as suggested to shut it down and restart (a number of times) but it just repeated that error.  Canon suggested that I replace  the print head  and said I could wait till I got the printer to recognize there was no print head before opening and committing to the new $800 head and that there was little risk of that not fixing the problem.   

So I ordered one and had them walk me through the process of replacing it (unplug the printer, restart and unplug when I heard the head unlock).  That went well, until it was filling and the printhead and  again it said the maintenance cart was full and is now locked at that error.  I can access the printer remote UI from a browser and it is telling me that the maintenance cart is at 90%.  The tech didn’t know if that meant 90% available or 90% used, but I think it must be 90% available.   They said the only thing they can do now is a $1500+ service call, which I am reluctant to try given my experience with these endless chains of problems with printers. They would not consider providing any break on the costs even though they led me to believe that  replacing the  printhead would be the fix.

My questions are - would it make sense to risk another $80 maintenance cartridge to see if that fixes it, or should I just cut my losses and scrape this thing?  If so, can a brand new printhead be transferred to another printer - say, if I bought a Pro-1000 ?  Or have I just flushed this cash?  Same goes for the maintenance cart - can it be used in another Pro-4000?

Thanks, I appreciate any advice!