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SELPHY CP1300 Driver Issues, Error Messages, and Paper Jams


I purchase the SELPHY 1300 with the intention of printing ID/**bleep** pictures.  Since day 1, the SELPHY 1300 has been a useless device ( I am surprise Canon would make a printer like this).  List of issues are as follows:1.  1.

1. Does not support Win11, installed Win10 drivers as suggested, Win11 does not see the printer.

2.  Installed same drivers on Win10, w/s can see the printer.  Anytime I attempt to print, I receive an error msg. stating that the paper size is incorrect.  I only have one (1) paper size (4 x 6) and confirmed in the printer configuration in Windows.

3.  Constant paper jam which ultimately destroyed a brand new ink cartridge.

4.  Not going to waste more ??? purchasing another ink cartridges only to face the same issue. 

Another device going to eWaste.  Pitiful !!!!


Product Expert
Product Expert


If the the printer is in it's 1 year warranty, I recommend reaching out to Canon support for your warranty options. You will need to register your Canon gear HERE to access additional support options.

We look forward to hearing from you. 


Is there a support number I need to call or a chat session ?



The link above will provide you with all of your support options including any phone or chat options.

We look forward to talking to you!


I have a constant "paper jam."  It pulls the paper no more than 1.5" into the printer, and then I get a paper jam error message.  Restarting does no good.  CP1300   This machine is a few years old, but I've only printed two pics on it.  

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