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"canon mp navigator ex has stopped working" cannot get this to work - fresh install on windows 8.1


Trying to get LiDE 110 scanner working on my laptop. I keep getting this message once scan is complete "canon mp navigator ex has stopped working" and then a corrupted pdf is saved - fresh install on windows 8.1


I have used most up to date drivers and software and tried these two "fixes" from an internet search on this topic (it seems to be a common problem that hasn't been addressed by Canon) - I'm on the verge of returning the scanner!!


1) Delete this file: C:\Users\<user name>\App Data\Roaming\Microsoft\Windows\Network Shortcuts\My Web Sites on MSN.

     RESULT - "My Web Sites on MSN" does not exist in that folder on my computer.


2)Remove "sdc330Twain.ds" from windows Twain-32 folder

      RESULT - didn't have any effect


Thank you, in anticipation!



Currently running the scanner on "Advanced scan to pdf" but would like to have access to the canon software with more options


Are you running any antivirus/security software on the computer? Do you have any other scanners installed?