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CanoScan 8800F vs. new MacBook Pro/Catalina


Apparently Canon has no software to download to my new MacBook Pro so I can continue using my CanoScan 8800F scanner.  I have newer scan options on a Canon inkjet and a Brother laser multifunction, but I've used the 8800F with my Windows computers as preferred for photo work due to its higher resolution and my years of familiarity with MP Navigator.


Apple's forum recommends getting an aftermarket VueScan application, but to use the slide scanning abilitiy of my scanner, I have to pony up $100 for the "premium" full-feature version.  I could get a new Lide 400 Canon for around that, but it doesn't do slides or have the resolution possibilities, if I understand things correctly.  


I'm just asking here as a last resort if I have many other options.  It's aggravating that Canon doesn't support its equipment longer as computers change and incessantly update OS's.  The newer Lide models I guess simplify what the old MP Navigator used to do... I dunno.  Maybe they've totally discarded MP Navigator?  The onboard buttons on the 8800F never all worked with my Windows computers anyway;  I had to use the computer's controls.  I didn't see a new Canon scanner that would scan slides like the 8800F.


Am I stuck keeping an old and slow Windows Vista, XP, or W10 computers on my desk just so I can use the 8800F?


Thank you for any advice.




In many cases, its the hardware that does not support the new architecture of a more modern operating system...  not an unwillingness on Canon's part to support a product.  Your scanner is also at least 13yrs old.  


Newer options are avaialble.  From Canon, and Amazon.  Amazon has a great selection of negative scanners which are very affordable.  Maybe its time to upgrade.



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