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Anybody familiar with the Canoscan 9000F?


I picked up this scanner at an Estate Sale to do my own film development and scanning. Tried a few scans and they look great in terms of color but are very soft. The grain in particular looks really soft and is barely visible. I tried a few things I saw online such as "Enable Calibration" and "High Quality" mode set to "ON". Doesn't seem to do much to be perfectly honest except slow everything down a whole ton. I inspected the negatives using a 5x loupe and they look pretty sharp to me. Is this simply not that great of a scanner or is there something else I can do to get sharper scans? BTW I looked at the Epson V850 and it is soft too so not gonna spend $1,000 for more soft scans. 


Below is an image straight out of camera, see what I mean about the total lack of visible grain?? It's weird because it looks like film but not. I feel like at this huge resolution (26MP) grain should be visible.


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