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Any tips for night photography? Not infra red

I've been playing around with shooting at night.  Exposing for the ambient light to capture the moon, tree shadows,and flashing for the portrait.  Can't seem to get my flash duration short enough to not burn the portrait.  Any suggestions?

Does anyone else wonder...

Does anyone else wonder...1. If it's possible to private message a member?2. Where is the access to the "Album" hidden? Or does it only automatically appear if/when we upload an image into a post? And finally, & most important,...3. I understand that...

Suggestion: Quicker access to "Subscribe" in "Topic Options"

  I just wanted to give the feedback/suggestion that in the "Topic Options" menu, I don't think "Subscribe to RSS" should be the top option.  That option would be rarely used, IMHO, and the general "Subscribe" makes more sense to be at the top in ord...

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jfo by Rising Star
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Will workshops and classes on EOS 60D camera be offered in North Carolina in the near future? Since I am deaf, I could not understand what was said on the videos, is it possible for your company to add subtitles to the videos? Cindy J. Decker-Pickell

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