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Transferring videos to and from memory card.


So I have formed the habit of recording my conversations when dealing with government offices or customer service etc. I put my phone on speaker and record with just my point and shoot Canon. This has finally paid off.


I have a court hearing in which I need to bring a couple of those conversations, but my problem is that I can't transfer the videos back to the memory card. I need to bring these to help my case. I assume when transferred from card to my PC that the format of the video must change. Anyone know a solution to this? What format do the videos need to be, to be transferred back to the card?


What sort of "transfer" are you contemplating? If the videos are in a computer, you should be able to copy them back to a card using a USB card reader.

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And for those following along note that 12 of the states require the consent of ALL parties when recording phone calls, these states go beyond the Federal single party consent requirement.


In general laws lag technology and as an example shortly after I bought my Corvette there was a required software recall.  It has a built in performance data recorder which records vehicle performance parameters along with HD video from a front facing camera AND audio from inside the car.  The audio part caused the problem because when the car is put into Valet mode the PDR is turned on to record what is done by parking attendants, dealer service personnel, etc. and the system is code locked so only the owner can turn it back off.  GM had to update the software so that in Valet mode it doesn't record audio to avoid violating privacy laws.



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Which camera?


From my T6S manual - and I suppose *every* Canon manual:



Figured it out, it was as I said, the format needs to changed to put the vids back on the memory card. Once tranferred to the PC they are in AVI format which the card won't accept. Just need to change format.

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