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Shutter count


I just bought a used 1DS MKII.  The camera had a new shutter installed by Canon last year and the first owner then stored it. I was curious about shutter count so went to and after uploading a JPEG from the camera, was told the camera had 28,388 activations.  

My question:  Canon resets the count after a new shutter is installed.  Would that reset effect the information that myshuttercount gathers from a JPEG?




They do reset it. 28k is not a lot. I think the first owner just says he/she "store" but in reality he/she means "i don't use it as much".

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So a JPEG from a camera with a new shutter would record data based on the new shutter setting?  Yes I'm not concerned about 28k and have the Canon receipt documenting the shutter installation. 

I don't know anything about the program you used to check the count (many aren't very reliable) but Google 1D Count & see if you can find the link to that site. It seems to be reliable based on many comments I've read over the years. (Doesn't work on mark 3's & later.) 


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Think about it, 28k actuation shouldn't wear out the camera shutter release especially on a 1D camera.
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