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canon g20 camcorder converting video files to imovie

New Contributor

recently purchased a canon g20 camcorder. NOT PLEASED!  the problem i have is the video files will not work with imovie. ALL my other canon cameras did! memory card to card reader, upload to iphoto and then to imovie! i did some research and found out you have to use a converter program! this is a major pain in the A**! not only is it time consuming, but it does not convert the files in order! am i missing something? why in the world would canon make a camera that does not work with imovie! 


Respected Contributor

Hi edirt!

Thank you for posting!

AVCHD is an industry standard and the files are supported by iMovie.  However, in order to get iMovie to recognize them, you must move them over to your Mac using the exact same directory structure that appears on the camcorder.  Otherwise, iMovie will not see the files and they will need to be converted in order to work with them.


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