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Replenishment registration problem


I have an Imageclass MF656Cdw and I want to sign up for the toner replenishment program. I got the serial number and verification code from the front display and entered them at I got a message saying “verification code is incorrect”.

I tried both ways - going to the website on my laptop and taking a picture of the code with my phone - and got the same results. 

Does anyone know what the problem might be and how to make this work? I have registered the printer itself without any problem. I can’t find a solution to this anywhere, and there doesn’t seem to be a way to contact support other than calling them on the phone. 




Hi there!

Have you followed the process on THIS page? 

If so, and it doesn't work, you'll want to reach out to support when they're open during the week. They're at 800-OK-CANON (800-652-2666).

I tried the going-to-website method and the scanning-picture-with-phone methods on that page, and neither worked. It looks like there’s a way to sign up directly from the display panel, but it would take a while to enter payment information. I’m going to have to call them. Thanks!