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account registration issue -scam


While registering for an account online (on 10-8-22) so I could install my new Pixma G6020 printer, I used the QR code to start installation, was asked to register for an account.  I entered the information (name, email...), then on the next screen I was asked for a credit card number and there was a box checked saying I was eligible for a free 5-day trial of games at tudum [dot] co.  I unchecked the box as I didn't want a free trial, but was taken to a tudum [dot] co screen and couldn't get out of it with the back button.  I closed the screen, used new QR code and finished installing my printer. I completed my online account registration later.  It was as if intercepted the process.  These scammers have gotten even more deceptive than I've heard of !

However, I was charged $39.95 for the "free trial" and it's a hassle getting it cancelled and a refund; I filed a dispute with my credit card and reported it as fraud to the  

Just wondering if hacked the Canon site or if anyone else had a problem with this? OR, if Canon gets a kickback from tudum advertising--that's not good business! It was not a good experience!



Hi, bevh!  It sounds like you might have found someone else's web site by accident.  Canon USA's web sites feature no advertising for anyone other than ourselves and we don't do tie-ins with other services as part of the registration process.  To register your PIXMA G6020, just visit our site RIGHT HERE and you can take care of it in a matter of minutes.

Hope this helps!

Thanks! I did get it registered.  I'm still waiting to see if it's resolved with my credit card co.



Call the credit card company for the phony charge. I bought a dash camera and had a $39.95 memory card added which I couldn't remove from the order. Two calls got the same response: Someone will call in 24 hours. Finally, the credit card holder got it removed plus I got a new credit card to prevent the number being used again.

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Thanks! If it's not resolved with my credit card in a few more days, I'll ask for a new number.  So far, no unusual charges. I at least changed my passwords for that and Canon.