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CarePAK Activation Nightmare


OK, this forum is my last hope as canon customer service is going to be absolutely zero help no matter what I do, who I speak to, who I email, who I beg etc. it's been the absolute biggest waste of time and the worst customer service experience I've ever dealt with in my life. Add to that, the fact that I purchased over $10,000 worth of gear, and it makes it all the more painful.

So let me try to explain. I purchased three CarePAKs At the same time. I purchased one for the EOS R5, one for RF 70-200 2.8, and one for RF 24-70 2.8. I then received an email from canon giving me the registration numbers for the carepaks. The problem is, there is no identifying information in that email that tells you which registration code goes with what product. You're completely flying blind. The only thing identifying information is a tiny mention that says "lens" or "DSLR". I didn't see that until afterwards. Anyway, I registered one of the lens activation codes to the body by mistake.  Canon's website let me do this no problem which it shouldn't of, but it did. After doing that, I did notice the email had lens or body and therefore I could tell that I made a mistake by registering one of the lens codes to the body.Simple enough to fix right? Obviously not! I emailed Canon and simply asked them to please remove the incorrect registration code from the body. That email went to a Canon representative who emailed me back and said they would take care of it. Long story short, this went on for three weeks. They could not get it done or they just could not understand what I was trying to accomplish. Every time they responded they said it would be fixed in a day. On and on and on and on it went.


I finally called and spoke with customer service and explained everything and they assured me that they were sending it to the "escalation desk" and I would hear back from them and it would be fixed within a day guaranteed! I had no faith at this point and I was correct. No one called and no one fix the problem.They will not even return emails now. The representative that I originally spoke with sent me one last email that said she was transferring me to a manager. That was the last I've ever heard from Canon Inc.


I have literally wasted a day and a half of my life trying to get a simple registration code removed and put on the correct product. By the way, even Canon doesn't know what product matches what activation code. Their system allowed a Lens code to incorrectly be registered on the body. It is absolutely Stone age customer service and they do not seem to care. It seems reasonable that I would be concerned about making sure my investment was covered since this is the purpose of purchasing these carepaks. I have never been so frustrated and If I could, I would return everything over this issue. If anyone knows a way to get this problem addressed, please reach out to me via this thread and direct me to somebody, anyone, that might be able to take five minutes of their life and fix this problem. It's just crazy..



Hi. We're very sorry to hear about your frustrating CarePAK PLUS situation. Please send a direct message here on the forum with your contact and CarePAK information. We'll have our Customer Relations Team follow up with you directly to help straighten out this CarePAK PLUS confusion. Thank you.

Ok..Sending you the information)n now. could be light at the end of the tunnel? Fingers crossed.

@GARN911 wrote:

Ok..Sending you the information)n now. could be light at the end of the tunnel? Fingers crossed.

If you're a serious enough photographer to make a $10,000 equipment purchase, you might benefit from a membership with Canon Professional Services. I've never heard of a CPS member getting other than first-class treatment.

Philadelphia, Pennsylvania USA

Hi, well I definitely am a advanced "enthusiast". I made the jump to Canon when the EOS R5 came out and it's been technically a great move but otherwise a challenge. Will definitely look into that but one shouldn't have to join a professional level of care to get basic customer service.

did you get this fixed, hopefully so by now. i just bought one carepak for a lens i bought on amazon, and when registering the product and then the carepak is never asked me for a serial number. my last 5 proudcts all have a number associated to them, nad it asked for it, but now the register link never does.

Hi Tiffany


, I have sent you the information..I apologize, I was calling you Kimberly for some reason. Let me double check to make sure I sent it to the correct person. If you could do the same and let me know

No problem! Thank you for sending over your information. We will be forwarding over to our Customer Relations Team to following up with you next week. We really appreicate your patience with us. 


Was this ever straightened out? I recently bought three lens plans at once, and I'm having the same question. Almost two years later, there's still nothing in the email to indicate which product the code goes with. I have to imagine that putting the RF 50/1.8 code on the six times more expensive RF 24-105/4 would cause issues when I tried to get service. If not, why ever spend more than the cheap-lens price to cover any lens?

Nothing about this makes sense. If it matters(as I assume it does) some field in some database has that data, so put it in the email. Please.

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