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Print Studio Pro mac osx 10.15 Catalina error


macosx 10.15

Canon Pro-1000 printer

Photoshop 2019 CC


I upgraded to mac osx 10.15 catalina, and now whenever I open the Print Studio Pro plugin in Photoshop CC 2019 it crashes instantly and says "And error has occured... Print Studio Pro will now close" and my only options is "ok".


I tried reinstalling with a fresh copy of the plugin off the canon website and it still won't load. 


I wish I could use the standard photoshop print dialog but even selecting my MOAB paper profile the print still turns washed out and ugly.


Has anyone solved this?


I honestly just dont get the hold up.  All developers were notified that 32bit programs were going away a full 20 months ago and as I stated Beta was seeded to developers in the early Summer.  Telling us to check the download page daily isn't satisfactory after the OS has been out going on 2 months now.  There are so many printing preferences that are tied into PSP that can't be abandoned by those of us that print as part of our jobs/ student life.  Canon, you know this. Please provide a real solution.  In response to the forum members that tried to actually help, I have access to Lightroom as its part of my package but I primarily illustrate so I'm not sure if that will work for my needs.  I'll try this afternoon.

Any update on the release?

It looks unbelievable that on mid November you don't have yet an update for you pro users.. 

@Michael wrote:



Print Studio Pro has not yet been updated for the Catalina operating system.  Please continue to check the download section of your product on our website in the future for a new release.  If you need to use the plugin for now, we would have to advise that you use a computer that is running Mac OS 10.14 and earlier, or Windows 10 and earlier.


Hey I got PSP to open and print from it, but the colors are not correct, I can confirm by printing same JPG or tiff on an older version of mac from a friends laptop. Currently my only option is printing from a competitor’s branded printer which has saved me, unfortunately will most likely sell my canon pro 1000 from this event


Just adding to this, same problem with my Pro 100, I have prints I need to print for my clients and now I can't so I'm super furstrated! Seriously considering going with Epson next, have illustrator friends who don't have this issue. Very dissapointed. 

I decided to go Epson, glad I didn’t wait any longer, absurd there is still no update. Epson can have my ink money! Sorry, Canon!

Great advice, I'll probably do the same

hey, apple's bonjour just rolled out an update to support canon printers. I was able to print on A3+ last night, no thanks to canon.

Was you able to use Canon Print Studio?


In an other thread, the following solved the issue (at least for me) with Print Studio Pro and Catalina:

Hi, I have a question regarding "Remember to disable the printer's color management in the print settings dialog box". 


My OS is 10.15 Catalina

Im using Photoshop 21.0.0 Release

For Printer I choose "Canon PRO-100 Series"

For Color Management I'm using "Photoshop Manages Colors"

For Printer Profile I'm using "MOAB Lasal Photo Matte Pro-100 MPP.icc"


My Issue - Under color Management it says to "Remember to disable the printers color management in the print settings dialog box". However there is know where to disable this setting, or turn it off. 


Where do I turn this off please? Is the drive I'm using the issue? 


I've attached a screen shot of my "Print Settings" Dialog box so you can see there is no where to turn off. Print Settings.png