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I have a question I would love to post. The only tab that has a "NEW MESSAGE" button is "GENERAL DISCUSSION". I have read the replies from the other people having similar problems but the directions were inaccurate. Am I completely intellectually incompetent or is there some thing wrong with the site?


thanks for the link, I tried to get there thru the page, but,.. I'll save the link.


@aflamingo wrote:

Thanks, but the link you gave me takes me to essentially the same page I was on.  About, camera, printer cinema eos etc  [links removed per forum guidelines]

and no way to post a new message.

Clincking on the printer, i see the provate message button but I'm prettly sure that won't help. 

Here's my problem my iX 6820 has suddenly started spitting errors, B200 and now 1403.  And I have deadlines.



attempt going to the main forum web page, observed at [link corrected] and you may see a listing of categories like "EOS," "EOS rebellion," 'personal Printers," "office Printers," and so on. after you click on on one of these boards you may see a red "New Message" field inside the top-left corner to allow you to submit. in case you preserve to run into any issue, let us recognize which product you have got which you wish to submit a message about and we're going to link you at once to that particular forum to post.


we hope this helps and sit up for your contributions!



I have been struggling to find how to post new message. Read all the prior messages on how to but still do not find the New message button.


Why is it so difficult?


Big shot

Hi, Big shot!


To start a new thread, start HERE, click on the board the best pertains to the product you're posting about, and then click the "NEW MESSAGE" button at the upper left.


Hope this helps!

I am trying to get information on photos taken with a sx620 hs.  Can I reverse the special effects on a photo already taken.? Also what did I do to make movies that replace fast with no sound??

I also interested in this moment, I will be grateful to any advice.


At first i was also confuse with the posting section, but now I learend to navigate it ans was able to repy successfully ti the posts.


I am trying to scan an odt document from my printer (ts6050) to my laptop but it ALWAYS ends up as a bmp file which is no good as I want to edit the document (Docx or odt) Any info gratefully received! 


I ws shooting the eclipse onthe 21st and many of my photos did not save while others did. I also had the message of Exp SIM and I have read that this indicates something about not bieng enough light. The image was clearly shown on my live view when I hit the shutter button but it did not save. The ones that did not save were the ones that were the largest and the brightest.


I was using a Tamron 18 - 400 mm lense on a 80 D body. 


I have Canon NG 6320 connected to Win7 Desktop PC via USB cable.

Now I added a second PC with Win 10.

I have a home Wi-Fi network both PCs are connected.

My questions: 

1. If I switch the printer to wireless mod, will I able to use the printer with both PCs?

2.What is a step-by-step procedure to switch the printer to wireless mode, register it on home network and on PCs?

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