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How to Post - FAQ of no help


According to FAQ, I can start (post) a question by clicking on the REPLY at top left of message list. I see no Reply there. or any other way to begin a discussion on a topic, i.e., to POST. What am I missing?




To start your own conversation or topic, press the "Start A Conversation" button.  at the top of any form section.

Give your topic a title, and use the drop down below to select the forum location or section your question pertains to. 

To reply to a existing topic, there is a big red reply button at the bottom of each post in a thread.  There is also a post reply button below the last reply on every thread.  

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TY Ricj. I must be doing something wrong then, because the only part of the board where I can press anything to start a conversation is on General Discussion. I looked at icons on top, the OPTIONS (3 dots), heading selections (

and expansion of them, etc. No "Start a Conversation" except for General Discussion. Could some settings prevent this? 

Note:  My last place to search was when I presses the large CANON icon to go to home, I guess. Start a Conversation is there! Maybe I need to ensure I begin at that URL address instead of the one I jumped to (a specific topic) where I am not presented with it or a "Reply" in upper left as per FAQ. I currently strated one  again in General Discussion with my printer problem -- hope that makes it to the specific topic somehow

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