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Order placed, money taken, order cancelled without notice


I don't understand why it is so hard to get any customer service help from Canon. I placed my order and received an email confirmation. My money was taken. Then my order was cancelled. I have called multiple times and gotten nothing. I will be reporting this purchase as fraud. 




We recommend calling our sales team at 800-385-2155. When you do, tell the system you need help PLACING an order. This is the only way you'll be able to speak with an agent. Our phone sales team are the only people who have access to the sales system - to protect your sensitive information. 

I have contacted your sales team, and they have said this is the first they are hearing of this issue when it's clearly been noted in these other discussions it has happened before. I waited for over 40 minutes on call and through chat. Canon's support is absolutely horrendous. She stated there is nothing canon can do since it shows on their part that the order is cancelled. She said maybe there's a broken link or something. She even stated how surprised that I actually got through after only 40 some minutes. I will be reporting this as fraud. The sales team/customer support is useless and offers no real support.

We can understand your frustration.  In the event an order is cancelled, any money that changed hands automatically gets returned.  As for preventing cancellation, one common "red flag" that may trip our automated security screening is when the information on the billing address and the shipping address doesn't fully match.  If you've made sure of this and you still have difficulty completing your order, please give our sales team a call back.  They'll be glad to look into the matter to the best of their ability.

Hope this helps!



The holidays, especially Black Friday / Cyber Monday are some of the busiest times of year for Canon USA and other retailers.  Amazon, Apple, Microsoft, etc. 

An order can be cancelled for several reasons.  Many times, it can be caused by your financial institution's own fraud policies.  An unverifiable shipping address is another common reason.

I'm sure if you inquire, they sales team can give you the reason for the order cancellation.  You can try calling your card issuer too.

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