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How to remove duplicate photos?


I have several Canon camera with wifi. I shoot RAW+Jpeg (sometimes just jpeg for burst photos) and then transfer the jpegs to the phone using wifi. I also take photos directly with the phone. When I copy the photos from the camera card and phone to my hard drive, I now have three copies of many photos. I only want to keep the RAW file from the camera, but keep phone shot jpegs. I have a Mac What is the best way to do this?


I can dedupe the RAW+Jpeg using a script because they have the same filename and just a different extension, but there is no good way I've found to dedupe the photos transferred from camera to phone without deleting the photos taken directly on the phone. I've tried several duplicate photo apps from the app store, but none work with RAW and none identify the camera jpeg and jpeg transferred to the phone as duplicate even though they are the exact same photo.

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