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Issues with Product Registration and Account Changes on Canon Site - Duplicate phone numbers, etc


This is driving me nuts, have spent hours attempting to resolve, and several calls with Canon support. So I have new lens (EF 600mm f4L III) that I am attempting to register on the Canon site while in my account.  I enter the product, ser. #, etc, then on the page where it asks me to confirm my address and phone number, it gives me an error saying "duplicate phone number".   Odd. Tried everything, then realized that the registration page is pulling data from my Canon account. So I go to my Canon account and find that the same phone number is listed 4 freakin times -- home, mobile, other, offfice.   I believe this is causing the, I attempt to remove all the duplicate phone numbers, then hit Save.  Nothing.  Changes do not Save and take effect.  What a clunky site.   


Any suggestions? I had to resort to requesting that Canon manually register the lens for me, but this doesn't resolve the duplicate phone # issues, which will certainly pop up again with a second product registation.  




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