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customer service / phone support no longer?


I have always regarded Canons customer service and phone support to be among the very best I have received. It was on the same level as Appleand Disney if not at times better. Thus, I am very disapointed to see that they have eliminated this part of their overall service program. I did not realize that this change had taken place and that phone support is no longer available. They have moved to a pay only platform from their free service apparantly. Can anyone speak to this? When was the free support option shut down? Was it purely an economic decision to do so? It is very disapointing that a simple question can no longer be asked without being forced to pay up front. And the chat option I have found to be useless. I can not find a way to navigate through the phone system to even have an initial conversation or register a complaint. This appears to be the only option avaliable. 


I have solely purchased Canon products over the years, in large part due to the extraordinary service that was provided. if that support is no longer available, I do not see a reason to continue purchasing Canon products if this is the case. 



yes its very disappointing and may prevent me from purchasing in the future

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