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Help with Ink Subscription Plan


MyCanon site is messed up--Help, Please?

I have an ink subscription plan.  I got an email saying I should increase the plan and I would save money.  I, of course, went to the MyCanon site rather than click on the link because I wasn't sure it was a scam or not.

I get signed in automatically because I have a password manager.  There's my printer, all registered and everything.  But no subscription plan for ink is listed.  In fact, it says I had one but cancelled it.  I did not, since I just got ink last month from the plan and I installed it the other day.

I cannot figure out what happened.  How can I have a plan I'm getting ink from but it's showing I cancelled? And then I get this weird email that I'm not sure about.  And I do NOT see any kind of chat or number I can call to help me--unless it's for service on a product, which thankfully, I don't need.

Can someone help?  Thanks so much!



Hi! We can totally understand your concern and we recommend giving our sales team a call at 1-800-385-2155.  They're open weekdays and Saturdays and we're confident they can get things straightened out.

We look forward to your call!

Thank you so much. I saw that # but thought calling the sales team wouldn’t get me where I wanted to go!  Will give them a call! Thanks again!

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