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Etsy Photography and Cropping


 Hi Everyone, 


I'm really new to photography, I purchased my Rebel almost a year ago, but I'm still struggling to learn the ropes. 


I sell vintage clothing online, mainly on Etsy, and I purchased my camera in order to make my listings more professional. Unfortunately, I haven't been utilizing it to its full potential because I really don't know what I'm doing. 


First off, is there a way that I can take a photo that is slightly more narrow in width, without losing height? This sounds really elementary, but I'm really struggling with it. I'm attaching an example of a photo I took today for reference, I need to only show my backdrop (not any of the room behind it or its stand), along with the dressform and the full length of the dress I'm shooting. I know that I can crop, however with Etsy there's an added layer of complication... (continued below photo)




Etsy prefers photos that are 800 pixels high X 1,000 pixels wide, so I need to resize all images to this size. Additionally, the number of photos that I can upload is limited, so most sellers will combine two images (side by side) showing different views (i.e. front and back, or full-length and detail) of their product into one image which will show up in searches as the product's main photo. So I suppose my second question is, is there a way that I can crop, combine, and then resize my photos into this format somewhat painlessly? I'm dropping a link below to the store of a fellow seller, Amanda, who does a wonderful job with her photography and whose listings illustrate the technique of fusing together two views of the same item that I'm trying for:


 I hope that these questions aren't too embarrassing. I'm actually taking a photography class currently and I think I'm getting the hang of exposure, ISO, etc. etc., but I'm anxious to start upgrading my listings and this particular aspect is mainly what's holding me back. 


I would really appreciate any insight that anyone can provide!








See here:

John Hoffman
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Buy, learn to use Lightroom. It will do what you want.

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@ebiggs1 wrote:

Buy, learn to use Lightroom. It will do what you want.

So will any other editor, including several that are free.

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