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Fire pictures

I don't know whether this link to the Boston Globe Web page is readable by everyone. (I'm a subscriber and can log in.) But if it is, you'll see what I think are some surprisingly good pictures by a bystander at a fire this morning.

Philadelphia, Pennsylvania USA

It turns out there's a reason why those pictures are so good. The photographer, Scott Eisen, is no "bystander". He's a Boston-based freelance photojournalist with an international clientele. Google him and take a look at his stuff, if you don't mind feeling like a kid with a Brownie.

Philadelphia, Pennsylvania USA

Cool,, I mean ! 

EOS 1DX and 1D Mk IV and less lenses then before!

Looked at an album of his work online and you're right.... He ain't no "bystander" is he. Thanks for pointing him out. He's got a great eye for lighting and composition.Smiley Wink