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Canoscan LiDE 220 maximum scan resolution


First post, please be gentle.

I just bought a new LiDE 220, and I'm shaking it down before I give it to my Dad, who does very detailed artwork.

I cannot find any place in the (Windows) GUI where i can raise the resolution past 1200. My Mac's native scanning utility will recognize both the 4800ppi and the 9600 (interpolated) ppi settings.

What am I missing?




Hi vincentalan,


You can access higher scan resolutions by using the ScanGear driver, accessible through the IJ Scan Utility that comes with the scanner.  To scan using ScanGear, please follow these steps:


1. Launch the IJ Scan Utility.


2. In the toolbar that opens, please click on the SCANGEAR button. The ScanGear window should then open.


3. Click on the ADVANCED MODE tab.


4. In the OUTPUT SETTINGS section, look for the Output Resolution field, then select a resolution from the options displayed by clicking the button, or enter a value within the range of 25 dpi to 19200 dpi (in 1 dpi increments).


5. Click the green SCAN button to scan the item at the set resolution.

Hope this helps!


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Hi - Having trouble setting up mu Lide220 to scan above 600dpi on the mac (I need to hIt 1200).  I can maunch the IJ scan Unitilty 2 - but there appears to be no way to up the dpi setting above 600 - What am I missing?

p.s - There is no scangear button 

I too am having this EXACT problem with my 2016 15" MBP with touchbar.  The printer will go up to 4800dbpi, but when using the scanner utility, it won't go above 600.  VERY frustrating!  I installed the drivers, but see no change whatsoever.  I even tried an older LIDE 120, which has 2400DPI, but the same problem.  I REALLY need a solution to this problem, ASAP.  I love the layout of this printer, as it works for me in my particular situation.  Any solutions would be GREATLY welcome.  Thanx

I could indeed set the resolution to 4800dpi using this technique, Thanks.


But I encountered another issue. When I go to scan, it pops up a window that says


Scanning cannot be performed unless the crop size, output size or output resolution is reduced to 10208 x 14032 pixels or less.


This is about 2.1” x 3”.  So you can’t scan at 4800dpi as stated, except for very small, slide sized images.


For all practical purposes, about 1200x1200 is the maximum size you can scan at. Or am I missing something?


I have the exact same problem with AllBackJack. Any solution yet?


I have just bought this scanner and I'm having exactly the same issue as you. Did you find a resolve to this? I would appreciate any help on this matter. 
kind regards, 



Canon Lide 120 bought, impossible to scan above 600 dpi on MacBook Pro. Exchange at store to Canon Lide 220, same problem. It's not acceptable from a company like Canon to supply a High Res scanner which software is not compatible on mac. Please provide us a software update to use the product as we paid for with all its capacities. Otherwise, I will buy a HP scanner and I will never bought another canon product.

Thank you,




Raphael B.

Hi RaphaelB,


The Canoscan Lide 220 will be able to scan at 1200 dpi when you install ScanGear Starter EX Ver.1.0.2 and adjust the setting in advanced mode.


Please click HERE to open the support page for your CanoScan LiDE 220 and select the software tab. Once you are in the software tab, download the ScanGear Starter EX Ver.1.0. and then install it on your computer.


Once ScanGear is started, select the advanced tab and then the output setting option.


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If you are still unable to select 1200dpi, troubleshooting with our support group will be needed to narrow down the cause of the issue. Please contact our support group using the "Contact Us" link below for additional assistance. You will have the option to speak to one of our phone or live chat agents.


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