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Canon dSLR Wish List?


Ive really grown to love many of the new Canon innovations over the last 3-4 years. Looking forward, what are some of the features you would like to see most in upcoming Canon dSLR cameras?


Here are mine, I know they may seem outrageous, but seriously..why not?


- Touch Screen on all dSLRs from here on out, with deactivation option in Menu (Seriously, this is a fantastic feature)

- RAW Video Format (It would be a game changer)

- Variable Framerate Video Format (120fps) - Another game changer. 

- Higher Speed JPG burst for lower size still images (for example, 30fps for 1080x1920 size images for 10-20 seconds)


Just my 2 cents. What do you guys think?




Some of those features are addressed, albeit in the Cinema EOS line of digital cinema cameras. And for RAW and 120fps, you'll certainly pay for it! I wouldn't expect those features in a dslr for the foreseeable future, at least not in combination for a reasonable price. Personally, I'd love to see unconventional innovations in sensor designs for canon cameras. Something akin to foveon technology would really make me intrigued.

I may be a bit old school, but I'd want a 1D size body geared for stills. About 20+ mpx for full frame with an option for 1.3X and 1.6X crops with the same image quality and a corresponding reduction in resolution and increase in fps, etc.


It could be like having a 7D, !DIV and IDSIII all in one body. But then of course I'd need two of them. 


Just off the top of my head:
-spot metering linked to AF point on 5D series
-EC button so as to apply compensation in manual mode with ISO auto


Minmum Specs for any DSLR:


1/250 X-Synch

30-1/8000 Secs Shutter Speed, + Bulb

5 fps

24 MP Sensor

All same as Pro Film cameras typically had (except the Resolution of course). 


Wishing the 6D had these, though other specs are to my liking. Looking for a 6D ll....

I would like an all manual camera with high ISO performance, FF sensor, 18-24mp, no video.


I oredered a Leica M Monochrom back in June along with a 35 1.4 summilux. I have the lens but still waiting on the camera. Would love to have a simple DSLR that is like an F-1 with auto focus so I can use the 20K worth of lenses I own. I got a feeling it ain't gonna happen so I will over time move completely over to Leica M...

Why not just keep your camera on M?

Aside from needing 24MP (21 or less is fine by the majority of DSLR users), I like your list.

ESPECIALLY X sync and 1/8000 shutter speed. People wanting to shoot with f1.2 glass appreciate it!

You're right, if the 6d had those specs it would be highly anticipated instead of garnering so much bitterness...and it's not even out yet!! LOL

Just add in new sensor tech to catch up to Sony and we're on to something! 🙂


I might be an amatuer/intermediate (not a pro) but as I do a lot of photography, sometimes the sun rays affect the images. I would really wish Canon would include a Lens Hood for at least the EF Lenses, would be better if it is even included for more advances EF-S Lens. Other things include:


-Less Buffer (obviously with a better processor and ram) on the EOS Rebel Series Cameras.

-Less Noisy standard (non-USM/STM) EF-S/EF/L -/+ IS Lenses.

-More smoother zoom barrel.

-High Definition [at least 720p] 120FPS High-Speed video for capturing motion of animals.


That's 5 things I'd like.




I wish auto-ISO actually worked and made sense when using ETTL flash.  Topping out at ISO 400 in AV and TV makes no sense to me.


And add an interal  viewfinder cover to the full EOS line.  How much trouble could this really be?  That rubber cover is rediculous.

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