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Canon Merchandise Exchange


Not sure if anybody went trough this experience with Canon before, just purchased a refurbished RF 24-70 that had dust inside the front element decided to initiate an RMA for a refund since there was no other refurbished lens for replacement, them purchased a brand new RF 24-70 with the previous bad experience I had with the refurbished buying a new one was a safe choice, to my surprise the brand new lens came with very light scratches in the middle of the front element unacceptable for the money I spent on this lens, decided to initiate a replacement process with them and was informed that they will secure a new lens as replacement and once they receive the defective they will ship immediately the replacement.

They already received the lens I sent back and opened a new one order for replacement that stays on backorder all the time .. and they have the lens in stock to send as replacement - they simple do not ship my replacement lens despite several calls.

I’ve been a long time Canon customer and this is just unacceptable, I’m paying for a lens that I do not have in my hands and I need for my incoming trip, it seems they are holding the replacement for some reason instead of shipping to me, not sure why. Spent a lot of money on Canon before have several camera and lens orders with them, and is the first time I have such bad experience.


I was just informed it's been taken care of. Once she gets the final information from the system, she'll call you with all the confirmation information! 😊

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I've purchased a lot of new and refurbished gear from Canon and have never had an issue with the merchandise I was sent. All of my experiences and transactions with Canon have been positive ones.  Products were received in brand new or (in the case of refurbished) like new condition.  Quality standards are extremely high.

We are not privy any of the facts regarding your purchases, so the only thing I can recommend is that you continue to work with the sales department for a satisfactory outcome.

I hope you're able to get this issue resolved.

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Having purchased several products from Canon before including refurbished lens, my experience with them was great , never had a problem until this situation i guess I got “lucky” this time, if a customer needs to “fight” with the sales department everyday to get your product replaced there must be something wrong and not acceptable.

Hi, Ravox!

I'm sorry this has been so frustrating. I've looked into your order, and I'm having one of the senior supervisors on our Sales Team resolve this for you. She'll have it taken care of today. She wanted me to ensure you knew that, unfortunately, it likely won't be there before Christmas. 

I was just informed it's been taken care of. Once she gets the final information from the system, she'll call you with all the confirmation information! 😊

Really appreciate your help with this situation Stephen, received a call and got an confirmation that the lens was shipped, still do not understand why the exchange got stuck on backorder that amount of time, but I trust Canon will use this as an chance to improve the communication and exchange process, like I said never had any issue before and will continue to be a loyal Canon customer knowing the relationship with customers will improve, again thank you for your great help with this.

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