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Canon 10x30 IS Sticky Body


Camera body is disgusting. These binoculars are not cheap and work well except for this problem which makes them unusable. This is a manufacturer's defect and in my opinion, Canon should compensate the customer.




I hear you. I guess that's a price to pay for valuing function over form. Mine are kinda funky too, but having them back in good working shape is satisfying enough to make it all positive for me.

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have had the 10x30is binocs for 15 or more years.. Canon will NOT make good on them.. the 'fee' you mentioned --what Canon wanted to charge me after sending them in-- was MORE than the binocs cost.. shame on Canon

Yep I learned the fee is over $200 so be prepared.  If you had dropped them or had battery corrosion, or some other issue, I'd say it's worth it since a new pair is $500.  According to the rep I spoke with, they pretty much refurbish to new condition by replacing a bunch of stuff.  They don't just replace the exterior panels.  I didn't get all the details but I was OK with refurbishing these to last another 20 years.  I've had mine since 2004.  

I spoke too soon.... I got a new quote saying "new prisms" and not much explanation.  The original agreed price was refunded and a new quote was given for $330.  Now we are getting close to buying a new pair.  Canon certainly has some arrogance.  I asked to send them back, sticky but working like they used to... I have doubts about getting them back in good shape and Canon in general.

Hi there!
The first estimate was based on an initial examination. The cost was based on a "Standard" repair. Once a technician evaluated your binoculars, it was determined additional time and parts were required, thereby making this a "Major Repair," so a re-estimate was generated.
Your estimate reflects the change:



I would understand if the binoculars weren't in your possession for the first and second quotes.  I'm now really worried about what I get back.  They don't 'need' new prisms or really anything other than a non-sticky exterior.  They are great binoculars and were working when I shipped them.  If the repair is the same cost as a new pair, why not just offer a credit towards a new pair?  It was this thread and your comment that there was a 'fee' that made me think this might work out.  Instead, it's a situation where for the cost of a new pair, you'll make your perfectly working binoculars non-sticky.  And btw, how long will the rubber exterior last on the repair? 90 days, maybe a year?  Then buy a new pair?  Just trying to make sense of this situation while being quite frustrated.


My binoculars are old but have been stored indoors, heat and A/C. Deterioration is an act of life. Same with my fishing alarms. Clean it off, spend $$$ to have it recoated, live with it.

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I've found another easy solution>  UV light removes the stickyness.  Put the binoculars under a UV lamp for 24 hours and the sides exposed directly to the light will be'dry' and not sticky,

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