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Canon 10 X 30 IS Binoculars - sticky Rubber Coating


I have a 10 X 30 IS binocular [serial number deleted for privacy].  The rubberized coating is disintegrating and has become very sticky.  I see others have had this problem with other high end models.  How do I improve the condition or get them repaired?  They work perfectly but are very uncomfortable to use.


I would expect the entire rubber coating to degrade eventually. So, you'll ultimately need total re-cover. IMHO.

Thanks, JeffBrew! I’m gonna try it. Really appreciate your taking time to update on this vexing problem. 

Depending on how badly your coating has deteriorated, you might want to try the talcum powder method first. It won't reverse any of the damage but, for me, it seems to have stabilized whatever reaction was taking place. I gave mine one application a day for 3 days around 5 months ago and it took away the stickiness. I also no longer store them in the case they came (and rotted) in.


P.S. Just checked and they are starting to get a little sticky again. Time for another powdering...

This is the best solution I’ve heard. How did you prevent the lacquer from getting in the small moving parts or on the button, etc.?

I used pieces of Frog Tape (the stuff that painters use). JeffBrew may have another product.

Your solution sounds easier than mine. I've posted this:

Yeah, this is a common complaint. I found someone on E-Bay who would re-cover my binocs for about $400, nearly the cost of new 10 x 30 IS binocs. So, having nothing to lose, I painted them with Plasti-Dip. That was at least 5 years ago. Sure, they look like doo-doo. But after over 5 years, they're still not sticky and still work fine. I cleaned off about 1/2 the binocs with isopropyl alcohol, but painted the whole unit (including the goopy sticky half) with Plasti-Dip. Both halves look the same today, so it appears unnecessary to clean off the sticky goop. Good Luck!


I have the same problem, as I'm sure everyone who purchased them also has, whether they post here or not. This is obviously a manufacturing defect, albeit one that doesn't manifest until well after the warranty has expired. Canon USA should offer owners either free repair or a deeply discounted replacement. I love these binocs and expected them to last a lifetime with good care. I will never buy another Canon product unless this problem is addressed to my satisfaction.

Well, I sent mine to Canon for a repair estimate and just received notice that I would be charged $250. I will call today and tell them to return my sticky, melting binocs and that I will never purchase another Canon product. Btw, my 30-year-old Bausch and Laumb 10x50's still perform and feel as new, as does my 35-year-old Nikon SLR camera. Bye-bye, Canon.


I have the same issue on these lightly used bino's.    I called the service support line and "they are unaware of any such problem"!!!.... HA! I can't stand the sticky and hadn't seen these post until I signed up here and already authorized a $250 repair!  Very disappointed in Canon for not fixing this product defect!


Hello. Per my post just before yours above, I rejected Canon's $250 repair authorization and the binos are on their way back to me. If you would do me a favor, I would very much appreciate it. Assuming that you have access to the serial # of the pair you sent them, could you check the ones you receive back and see if they are the same or not? I have seen others who authorized repair state that they were "as good as new". What I want to know is whether they are actually able to repair them or are simply replacing them. My suspicion is the latter. However, if they are able to somehow restore the rubberized coating, I plan to ask them to share information on how owners might best attempt the process ourselves (at our own risk, of course).

Thanks in advance.