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Canon 10 X 30 IS Binoculars - sticky Rubber Coating


I have a 10 X 30 IS binocular [serial number deleted for privacy].  The rubberized coating is disintegrating and has become very sticky.  I see others have had this problem with other high end models.  How do I improve the condition or get them repaired?  They work perfectly but are very uncomfortable to use.


Thanks for following up. That's what I figured they would do. There's really no way to get them back to "like new" condition without completely disassembling and reapplying the coating to the housing. In the meantime, I have gotten mine back into usable (non-sticky) condition by following the advice of a couple of others to dust them with talcum powder once or twice a day for a few days, which somehow absorbs or otherwise neutralizes the stickiness of the disintegrating coating. I'll probably have to repeat the process every few weeks but I'd rather do that than give Canon another $250. Thanks again for posting your outcome. Take care and enjoy your new binos!


Same problem and mine were stored inside a cabinet the last 8 years, sparingly used and no oils or chemicals have touched the casing of the binoculars.   CANNON YOU OWE US A FIX.


I received a new pair for my $253 repair.


I notice there is a solid, non-sticky surface under the sticky rubber. I can scratch the sticky rubber off.  You can leave some of the sticky rubber to maintain some grip.  You only need to scrape the areas your fingers will touch while gripping the binoculars.


Not my way of fixing things!  


My dad has a Canon IS 10x30 that had duct tape wrapped around it because it was so sticky.  I used rubbing alcohol (70% isopropyl alcohol) and a lot of paper towels to remove all the stickiness.  It took about an hour and looks really good after.  Before, sticky with duct tape gripBefore, sticky with duct tape gripAfter cleaning with alcoholAfter cleaning with alcohol

Very good to know. I hope the stickiness does not recur.

I checked with the guy who sprayed his sticky Canon binocs with clear spray. It had held up for a year. So, after masking the lens, battery cover and  I followed his advice and sprayed mine. So far, so good. A BIG difference.

I join others in saying SHAME ON CANON for producing such an expensive, faulty pair of binoculars and not standing behind them regardless of the warranty.

The guy was JeffBrew. See his post. The spray is a clear acrylic in a pressurized can. Bought at the local hardware store.

My guess is that the sticky stuff is from a "soft touch" thermoplastic elastomer (TPE) layer that is breaking down.  By using the rubbing alcohol, I was able to remove that entire layer, so it is not possible to get sticky again.

By far the best solution so far..... the rubbing alcohol or isopropyl alcohol gets rid of the problem rather than just covering it up. I used a tooth brush followed by a rag...... the toothbrush and alcohol seems to wear away the rubber which gets caught in the bristles and a follow up with a soaked rag gets rid of the last of the stickiness. Quite hard work but you do end up with shiny non-stick binos as in your photos. Brilliant!