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Camera Repair Missing In Transit


I am reaching out to this community in hopes of finding a resolution to an ongoing issue I'm experiencing with the shipment of my Canon 5D Mark IV camera. I sent my camera to Canon for a C-log update, and according to the tracking information (Tracking #9114902200789576625366), my camera was dispatched on December 28th. However, instead of arriving back to me, it has been in a perplexing loop between VA and GA, now for the fifth time.

I have been in constant contact with both Canon and USPS to resolve this matter. The address has been confirmed as correct by both parties, and the exact address was successfully used for a previous shipment just a few weeks prior without any issues.

Despite my patience and repeated attempts to rectify this situation, my camera remains in limbo. If anyone has experienced a similar situation or has any advice on how to proceed further with USPS or Canon, your guidance would be greatly appreciated. 



Your best bet is identifying and reaching out to the postmaster of whichever facility  it is bouncing between is closest to your location.  I had to do this a couple of years ago to break that infinite loop, the postmaster of your local station/region may be willing to help you.

The generalized postal service complaint/service web form is useless in getting anything done.


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I concur with Rodger's advice about working with your local Post Office since you will be talking with a live person.

A lot of strange things happening with Post Office shipments. It took a month for a Christmas card to go from my Post Office to the next bordering town.

I followed the tracking of a package that arrived at my PO, was then shipped to the main PO facility in the state (New Hampshire). Then it was shipped to Maine (bordering state), went to two PO's in ME and then a week later arrived back in my PO. Delivered the next day.

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I wasn't even aware Canon used USPS?  

I believe everything outbound is insured, however.  

Hope it works out for you and you can find someone to help you intercept it.  

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Good luck. If I mail a birthday card to my neighbor, it goes 30 miles to another post office and then back to my neighbor. The main PO had a slot for local mail or it was sorted and delivered...locally.

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