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Battery life


I bought the rebel T3 in April. Recently I seem to have battery issues, not getting a full charge even when the green light comes on after about an hour of charging, then am only able to take about 10-20 pics in a 20-30 minute time period before the battery is dead again. Does this seem to be a battery, charger or camera issue? Or is it normal? Any help would be appreciated.



Definity not normal.

Its less likely that your charger is at  fault.

I believer there should be no memory problem with new batteries but I am still worry that you have a battery memory issue.

Let the battery to fully discharge before next charge and do not recharge half discharge batteries.




I would also recommend that you make sure there is a good connection to the battery by cleaning the contacts with a soft microfiber cleaning cloth.


If battery still drains quickly, please try an alternate battery.  If the camera still does not last long with other batteries, then the camera may need to be evaluated by our Factory Service Center technicians.


To start your repair process, you'll need to complete a Repair Request on our website.


If this is a time sensitive-matter, additional support options are available at Contact Us.



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Rising Star

Is the problem battery the original Canon battery that came with your camera?   Is there a possibility that the seller swapped batteries and you have a counterfeit?  There are tons of counterfeit batteries out there than can be hard to distinguish from a Canon OEM battery.

A while back I bought what was advertised as a genuine Canon battery for my 7D (LP-E6).  It seemed to have shorter battery life than my others but I ignored it.  When I got my 5D mkIII, it wouldn't even power on the camera where my other 3 batteries did.  After a little investigation, I discovered I had been fooled and it was a counterfeit.


If you are confident your battery is an genuine Canon, either you have a defective battery or charger (can't imagine the camera draining the battery that quick).  I would contact Canon.  Either way I would purchase a second battery as a backup.  Pick up a genuine one from B&H photo.

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