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All Products Missing from MyCanon Account


I logged on to my account today (9/7/2019 and noticed all my registered products are gone.  I called the help/support line and they were just as amazed and said it will take 24-48 Biz hours to research.  Has anyone else run into this issue? 






All of the Canon products I registered over the past 5 years are missing in my account as well.  Spoke to a Canon tech and he said he noticed the same on his account yesterday.  Can someone at Canon please advise if this is a glithch, if the products will be put back, will the same thing happen again if the missing products are entered back into the 'my products' on the Canon website and if this affects the products listed on the CPs site?...thanks 

Hi dshummy, I meant to update my post,  a couple of weeks okay (last week in December) I logged into my account to add some new gear,,, and ALL MY PRODUCTS were back with the correct information.  The only reason I received from canon what they had done a major update and unfortunatley some acconts were impacted and I would have to re-enter all my products -  I laughed.   So I was pleasantly suprised when I logged back in (as mentioned) and all my products were back. 



Be nice if it happens for me likewise...good luck


This has just happened to me this weekend. After having 11 products I now only have two and these were just registered this weekend. I tried to re-register one product which it accepted, but, I could not add my care package so I deleted the product.


Happened to me just now, there is no way to even get support on this!!!

Hi!  We recommend checking your account again in few hours to see if this was a temporary issue.  If the problem persists, please give our support team a call at 1-800-OK-CANON (1-800-652-2666) and we can investigate further.

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