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A Quick Thanks To Canon

Rising Star
Rising Star

I just wanted to say thank you very much to Canon for the second repair on my camera, I had sent it in to have the screen replaced after it took a fall in May and when I sent it in I had also wanted to have the on off switch replaced. Problem was I forgot to write it on the paper. I had called up and spoke with them and told them I wanted to have the switched fixed when they got it and they were kind enough to say they would fix it.

Unfortunately somehow that did not get done though I thought it had because when it came back the switch felt different. I went to a couple of state parks to take some pictures and after that trip I had come home and downloaded the pictures to the PC and then the switch would not go back to the off position no matter how hard I pulled it back.

I called Canon explained about how it was supposed to be done and how I had called in the repair that I had forgotten to write down, they checked some things (I am guessing they listened to the other calls to verify maybe) and found out what I said was true and they sent me an RMA slip, covering shipping so I sent it in and they repaired it lickety-split and had it back to me in working order in no time with no return fee either.

It is nice to see a company honor their word these days, that is no longer the norm and to be honest I thought I was going to be without a camera 3 months to a year because I am oh disability and the first time I had sent it in put me in a bind financially and I would not have been able to pay for the repair this second time. I should mention it was no longer covered by warranty so I paid for it the first time to be repaired and thought I would have to pay again, I can't begin to tell you how relieved I was that they covered it for the power switch repair.

Thank you so much for standing behind your word and repairs for me Canon, it truly means a lot to me.



Thanks so much for the kind words, Far-Out-Dude!  If you should ever need our help again, we'll be here.  In the meantime, happy snapping! 


You're welcome and thank you much. Not going to be able to do anything outside for about a month I'm having surgery so I'm going to do some snapping this week.

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