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Webcam Utility Driver high CPU usage


I've recently noticed 'Windows Camera Frame Server' is using around 10% CPU when the EOS Webcam Utility driver is in use, but no feed is coming from the camera (it is on standby for example). When the feed is received the usage drops down to more acceptable numbers. 


This becomes an issue when running the camera through OBS whilst streaming for example when changing scenes sometimes the camera becomes inactive resulting in a spike in CPU usage, hindering performance of other tasks that are requiring the CPU. 


Seems to only be an issue with the EOS Webcam Utility as when I use any of my other webcam sources I am not experiencing this. I have tried uninstalling the driver and reinstalling but the issue is still persistent. 


I wonder if anyone else is experiencing this and/or if this bug can be reported to Canon?


Further, I previous had installed the beta version of this driver and note there are some files in my system32, drivers and driverstore folders dated back to October (2020). I note the latest version of the driver was released November so am wondering if these older files could be causing a conflict? I've tried deleting but cannot. 



Yes! I am having the exact same issues. Hogging nearly 30% of CPU usage on a high end machine! This is when using another webcam (not my camera). It dropped back down to 1.7% after uninstalled EOS webcam untility. Canon we need this fixed!

Been having this exact same problem and I have been checking their website for a driver update and still nothing. They seems to have just made it for the pandemic boom and forgot about it.


Same over here! It's apparently a problem that only HD Webcams had in the past (saw lots of 2017-2018 posts about it) but now it's mostly solved. Maybe the driver works in tandem with the mentioned service, because I disabled it and the camera didn't show up in any program. As soon as I re-enabled the 'Windows Camera Frame Server', that camera appeared again on the lists.

It's a real pain having 30% of our CPU taken (and the noise it produces on laptops) just by turning the camera on. I hope this gets a workaround soon.


Same here. OInce the service is stopped it's fine. Been driving me nuts trying to find out what it was. Really happy to have the EOS Webcam Utility, but it has to be fixed to be able to live on my machine!


I'm sadly having the same issue, the camera frame server is sitting at 15%-20% cpu usage.

There seems to be a lot of issues with the camera frame server, even without using EOS software (google is filled with complaints about memory leaks, high cpu usage).

The main fix is disabling the camera frame service, however it seems that the EOS webcam driver/software is dependent on this to work. So while it may not be the fault of the EOS webcam utility, it's dependency on the camera frame service isn't optimal.


I experienced this problem too. If I have a camera signal in OBS the CPU load is "just" around 10 %, but if the camera is off or disconnected it rises up to 32 %. That's a no-go!

If I use another program, which can get a signal from my camera without using EOS Webcam Utility, the process didn't show up. But these programs need also CPU load so it's not a real alternative.

Sadly there still isn't a fix. Does Canon even care?


Same problem there.
I would like to stop the Windows Camera Frame Server service as it is too cpu consuming for doing lives with OBS.

I saw that with my HD webcam c920, I can stop the Windows Camera Frame Server service as I don't need that my video stream to be used by several apps at the same time and it works well.
But using the eos webcam utility with a canon m50, as said above disabling this service make the video stream not available for OBS.

It would be great to have an update of the canon eos webcam utility to work without the Windows Camera Frame Server service .

Thanks for you consideration.
All the best.


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