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Eos R Webcam Utility


So I recently installed the Eos Webcam utility for use with an Eos R on a windows 10 laptop. I when any camera app tries to use the canon camera it freezes and the computer keeps making the sounds as though a usb device is disconnecting. 

Now, I have the regular Eos utility that does work fine with no stutter on live video feedback. Also I do not have the Eos utility running while the webcam utility is running either. 


Product Expert
Product Expert

Hi smg708,

Thanks for checking in with us.

We can't guarantee that EOS Webcam Utility will work with every live-streaming platform out there, so try doing tests with some of the programs listed on the link below:

As you suggested, EOS Webcam Utility won't work properly if EOS Utility is running, even if it is running in the background. Even if you've closed out of the main program, components of EOS Utility might still be running, so check the icons on the bottom right of your screen and right click on any EOS Utility icons and close them.

If problems persist, please elaborate on your live-streaming setup and any other accessories you have connected to your computer.


Nick is correct.  Only one app can be actively connected to the USB port at a time.

There are two pieces to the puzzle of disabling the regular EOS Utility.   There is the EOS Utility app itself, which comes in two versions.  There is EOS Utility 2, which is mostly used with older cameras.  There is EOS Utility 3, which is used with more recent camera releases like your EOS R.

However, there is a background Windows Service, EOS Utility Launcher, that detects when a camera is connected to a USB port, determines the type of camera, and launches either EOS Utility 2 or 3 for you.  This service must ALSO be shut down because it will block the Webcam Utility from being able to connect to the camera.

This service would normally have an icon that would appear on the lower right corner of the Windows desktop, near the clock.  This end of the Windows Taskbar is where active service icons are displayed.  The EOS Utility Launcher Service has a camera icon that looks identical to the desktop icon for the actual EOS Utility 2/3 apps..

Right-click on the icon, and select “Exit”.  Once this is done, you will have to cycle power on your camera.  I am also hearing reports that some videoconferencing apps need for you to cycle power to the camera after you start that app.  

Good Luck!

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