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EOS webcam utility pro will not launch, EOS Rebel T8i


I just bought a subscription today and had my t8i working as a webcam on windows 10 for less than 10 minutes and now webcam utility will not even launch. I've tried reinstalling, restarting my pc, compatibility, running admin, everything I can think of. Does anyone know how to fix? I just wasted money on this subscription and it wont even open now.



Hey there!

So the community can help you more effectively, knowing more information about your setup will be helpful.

  • You'd mentioned using Windows 10 in your post above - is that the operating system you're using with EOS Webcam Utility Pro?
  • Is your computer a desktop 🖥 or a laptop💻
  • Is the camera directly to the computer by USB? (Not to a hub or other mechanism)
  • Does your computer meet the minimum required specifications (found on the download page and below). I've bolded a couple of outliers that might need your attention:
    To use this software, your computer has to meet the following system requirements.

    1. Supported OS
    - Windows 10 (64-bit)
    - Windows 11 (64-bit)

    2. Supported Computers
    PC with one of the above OS preinstalled and a USB port as a standard feature (Upgraded machines not supported)
    - Intel Pentium 1.6GHz or faster
    - 2 GB or greater

    3. Display
    - Screen Resolution: 1,024x768 pixels or more
    - Screen colors: Medium (16-bit) or more


yes my computer is well above the requirements and it is plugged directly into the pc no hubs. it’s strange because it worked i could open it and see through my camera then I upgraded to a paid plan and now the app won’t launch at all. it works fine on my macbook but i need it on my pc.

Hi kylemorris7,

I'm sorry to hear the EOS Webcam Utility Pro isn't opening for you. When you try to open it do you get any error messages on the computer, and if you do see an error message what does it say word for word?

There are some things to try with an issue like this. The first would be to try using a different USB cable. I see you mentioned it works with your Mac, but it would still be good to check. Sometimes a cable can have strong enough signal to connect with one operating system, but not another.

Another thing is if your Windows computer is a laptop make sure it is plugged into a power source. Sometimes when computers are running on battery power they can limit the amount of power provided to the USB ports. That can cause issues similar to this. If your Windows computer is a tower try using a different USB port on the computer. Sometimes if a port is malfunctioning it can cause issues like this as well.

Another thing to double check would be to plug the camera into the computer, open the streaming or conferencing service you use, and check to see if you can select EOS Webcam Utility as the camera. The software doesn't need to open to output the video feed, so it would be a good way to check if the software isn't working at all or if it is just an issue with the software opening.

One other thing to double check would be to make sure there aren't any pending operating system updates on the computer. I see you mentioned you already tried restarting, but if there's still a pending operating system update that can prevent the EOS Webcam Utility software from opening.

Yes ive tried all that different cord and different usb ports. When Im using the streaming service eos webcam utility and eos webcam utility pro are both options but dont display any video.


Greetings ,

Do you have the EOS utility installed?

If so, do you have camera detect running in your system tray?  If yes, please close and quit this app.

Check services.msc for any running service that detects the camera and stop that service.  Set start to disable.  Restart the computer and retest.


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Ive tried that and still nothing. I do not have utility installed. I've tried installing that with webcam utility and it didnt work aswell. I have made some progress and using this help request ( I did the solution that was provided for that and when I am under my administrator account I can open it fine, but when logged into my user account on windows it will not open just stays in background.