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EOS Webcam utility full version and MAC OS Big Sur


I will like to know if anyone have the full version of Big Sur OS and EOS Webcam Utility full version working together. If theres any bug or trouble using both together. Thank you



Yes, I got it up & running on my MacBook Pro 13" 2017 with Big Sur. Just make sure, that the EOS Utility doesn't run at the same time.

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----------->   I finally found my solution from Youtube user UrbanMasque


It was a simple WiFi/NFC toggle being turned OFF that allowed mine to work on Windows AND Big Sur 11.1 with an Intel processor.


Hope that helps others...

notwoodward, unfortunately my menu is a little different on the SX70. I did turn off WIFI, but no luck.
Still waiting on my new cable to be delivered. Maybe that will get things to work.

So I got it working and here is what I did.


I got my new cable (short c-type cable) in the post.

This time around when I plugged the camera in, I could see on the display that it was connected to my laptop, but I still had no image apart from that black canon image.

I restarted Chrome but no luck.

I then reduced the image quality from FHD 25fps to HD 50fps and all of a sudden it just worked!

So in my case it seems to have been a combination of cable and image quality.



I've just upgraded my 2020 iMac from Catalina to Big Sur (11.2.3). I opened Zoom (5.6.3) and the EOS Webcam Utility was not available as an option. 


I downloaded the EOS Webcam Utitly 1.0 installer again from the Canon website and reinstalled it. I restarted the iMac, opened Zoom and the EOS Webcam Utitliy now appears as an option. I selected it and it works!


I have a Canon 70D.



I have a Macbook running Big Sur and a Canon 80D. 


I have tried installing, uninstalling, ensuring my Zoom version is updated. 


I cannot get this to work. Please help.

If you're on a Mac and the Webcam Utility is not working, try closing Google Drive, Dropbox and any other file sync apps. It seems these apps aggressively try to connect to the camera so they can upload photos, and this prevents the Webcam Utility from connecting.


I couldn't figure out how to prevent Google Drive from connecting to my camera, so I just uninstalled it. Maybe there's a better solution, please reply here if you've found one.


Hello! Could you please write step by step how this was solved. I use Big Sur and I have a 5D mark 4.  How can I use my camera as a webcam?


Hello! could you please write step by step how did you solved your problem. I use Big Sur and I have a canon 5D mark 4. 

Unfortunately, there isn’t a general step-by-step instruction for this. It depends on your Mac (intel vs M1) and what software you are trying to use webcam for.

@wivibi wrote:
Unfortunately, there isn’t a general step-by-step instruction for this. It depends on your Mac (intel vs M1) and what software you are trying to use webcam for.

Canon does not write or update the OS for an Apple Mac.


Canon does not write the software for whatever app you are trying to use with the webcam, either.  However, there is nothing really complicated to adding and using the EOS Webcam Utility.  It is not all that different from adding a printer to your computer, and then every app the uses a printer can access and use your new printer.


BTW, the EOS Webcam Utility is not an app, at least not in the conventional sense.  It is a device driver, just like what a printer would have when you add a new printer.

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