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EOS Webcam Utility Pro (subscription) no longer can added cameras to a scene


Help.  I loaded EOS Webcam Utility Pro approximately a 2 weeks ago and it worked fine.  A few days ago the camera screen started showing up black in the utility.  I am using a Canon T8i on a windows 10 machine with the most recent updates, Webcam Utility Pro in the trial subscription service (waiting on the payment to post).  I did not load the Canon EOS Utility.  Once the camera stopped working, I added my older Canon T2i and it worked fine for a couple of days and it started doing the same thing.  No changes were made to windows, I did not install or uninstall any applications.  I tried uninstalling and installing EOS Webcam Utility Pro multiple times to the same effect.  I am now at the point where I cannot load the cameras in a scene.  When I select a camera on the list and select "Add Camera" option, I get an error "add Source Failed".  Prior to this I removed the scenes to see if I could reload the cameras.  I have exhausted all of my options and its getting very frustrating trying to get it to work after it stopped for no apparent reason.   When it was working, a preview of the Canon Cameras videos was showing on the screen. You would think that uninstalling and reinstalling would remove the cameras from the list and add them back again new.    

I am trying to begin streaming for the first time and it has been a difficult task.  I am not interested in purchasing more equipment until I am able to get started and allow my success to drive the demand for more equipment.  I have watched all of the videos for the webcam utility on Canon's site.  Below is a screen shot of my list of cameras.  Disregard the USB video, because I briefly tried to used HDMI just see if the webcam utility would recognize the camera for video only.   I am willing to pay to use this utility, but it seems obvious to me that Canon needs to invest in better software support for this utility. 


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Product Expert
Product Expert

Hello Steve5293Canon,

I'm sorry to hear of the problems you're having using the EOS Webcam Utility Pro software. The EOS Rebel T2i is not going to be a compatible model. The EOS Rebel T8i should work just fine, however. Typically when you get a plain black screen, it means that the EOS Webcam Utility is in use by a different program. Either close the other application that is also using EOS Webcam Utility or choose another video source in that application such as your built-in camera.