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EOS Webcam Utility Pro: Multiple cameras not recognized


I just purchased a subscription to EOS Webcam Utility Pro in hopes I would be able to stream from multiple cameras (both EOS R). When I plug in the first camera, EOS Webcam Utility identifies it as the default camera but when the second camera is plugged in I get no feed. Sometimes it gives me an error/failed to connect message, other times it seems to recognize the camera in the dropdown but I get no video. If I unplug the first camera there is a chance that I THEN get a feed from the second but (obviously) lose the first, even if I plug it back in afterwards.
I've battled this trying every different string of combinations for hours. Any help would be appreciated.

I previously streamed from OBS with a second camera through Cam Twist, I am familiar and open to 3rd party workarounds but I'd prefer for it to work natively within EOS Webcam Utility Pro!

Thanks in advance.


Product Expert
Product Expert

Greetings NickGagnard,

The first thing to check on both cameras is that the built-in Wi-Fi function is disabled and to have both cameras set to the movie shooting mode.

Then, let's check the connection for both cameras since you state that the second camera sometimes appears when the first camera is unplugged. For example, if you're using a USB hub to connect both cameras to the computer then let's connect each camera to a separate USB port on the computer.

If possible, please test the camera connections and software on a different computer. This would help to determine if something on the first computer is causing this issue.

Thank you for your reply.

Unfortunately, I had already tried all of these possible solutions before posting my initial post. If you have any more insight please let me know.