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EOS Webcam Utility Not Working in my PC


Hello, I have a problem with EOS Webcam Utility on my PC. It only displays the EOS Webcam Utility logo. I have tried reinstalling it multiple times, but it still remains like that. The operating system I'm using is Windows 10. Is there anyone who can help me because it works on other devices when I try it?Cuplikan layar 2023-10-02 110346.png



Do not use a USB port expander.  There are known issues associated with USB ports on many of the AMD motherboards.  Make sure that your motherboard has the latest firmware.  If you built your PC platform yourself, then I will not be able to assist you any further.

"The right mouse button is your friend."

I don't use an extended USB port, and I'm using an Asrock motherboard with an Intel i5 processor. The motherboard firmware is also up to date.

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Make sure that the EOS Utility is not running when using the EOS Webcam Utility. Check the taskbar to see if it is running, and close it. What camera are you using and how are you connecting to the computer (Wi-Fi or USB cable)?

Canon 1200D and i'm connect to my computer use the USB Cable.

You need to make sure you have the most current version of the software installed. Learn more at

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Make sure that Wi-Fi is disabled in the camera in order to use the USB cable.

Google Drive or One Drive will often interfere with EOS Webcam Utility.