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EOS Webcam Utility Freezing


Hi, I'm using the EOSWebcamUtilityPro-MAC2.1.18.pkg on a Macbook M3 Pro (OS Sonoma 14.5), and I have a Canon EOS M50 connected by a micro-USB to USB cable. I am using the EOS utility to make my camera visible to streaming applications, like Zoom.

Issue: After every ~3min, my stream freezes, requiring a reset (either unplugging, turning off, or using the EOS utility GUI to change a setting, like zoom, on the camera)


1. I know the issue is not in Zoom, as the EOS webcam utility app itself behaves identicially

2. I know the issue is not the camera: I can stream from the camera on a linux machine using ghoto2 + ffmpeg + v4l2 with no issues


Product Expert
Product Expert

Hi lncanon,
Thanks for checking in. As you may have noticed, we have two programs that are similar in name, EOS Utility and EOS Webcam Utility. EOS Utility is for downloading images and clips to the computer, and it has some remote shooting options, but the program for livestreaming is EOS Webcam Utility. That will run in the background, but it won't work if EOS Utility is also running.

Close out of EOS Utility, and then check to make sure that you don't have a camera icon on the top right of your computer screen. If you do, right click and exit out of it. Beyond that, make sure that your camera is set to shoot movies, and then connect by USB. It might also help to disconnect other accessories and try different USB ports. Some USB ports can be stronger than others.


You'll also want to confirm that Wi-Fi is disabled in the camera's menu. Otherwise, the USB connection won't work.

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