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EOS R50 generates red X in EOS Webcam Utility Pro


So I recently purchased a Cannon EOS R50 for streaming purposes, For the PC I an AMD Ryzen 9 5k series CPU and I'm running it through a Elgato to the Computer with it being plugged into the computer via USB as well. It will not work at all. I continue to get the USB Red X

I have it in movie mode, I have tried everything from running it with out the Elgato different USB cords, WIFI, shutter speed, different HDMI cords and all, could someone please help me out on this one I'm completely lost.

Note I did read a post back from 2021 on here and I believe it said something about it not being super compatible with AMD hardware is that still a thing?

EDIT Using a Asus Tuf X570-PLUS WIFI Motherboard, GeForce RTX 3060, Custom Built Computer, Window 10,