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Canon 80D - EOS Webcam Pro - Mac OS Sanoma - M3 Pro - Not Connecting


Hi All,

I have a new Mac Laptop with all software installed, but for some reason I can not stream from my Canon 80D using EOS Webcam Pro.  Oddly, my previous Laptop - with same specs expect for the Processor ( i9 vs M3 Pro ) - works.

Here are my steps on the new laptop:

  1. Boot in Recover Mode - run the following in the Terminal:
    system-override legacy-camera-plugins-without-sw-camera-indication=on
  2. Install EOS Utility 3.17.2 for macOS - followed all instrux
  3. Install EOS Webcam Utility Pro 2.1.18 (macOS) - followed all instrux
  4.  Restarted my Mac

When I connect my camera, the EOS Utility will connect and I can preview the image.

When I select a Camera from an app - such as Zoom - The only Option I see is 'EOS Webcam Utility', whereas the old Laptop shows the 'Pro' version.  The camera image never connects, and the EOS WEBCAM UTILITY with the USB image is all that appears.


Can anyone think of any step that I may have missed?



Product Expert
Product Expert

Hello vksolanki,

We would recommend exiting and closing any applications that may be running on your computer, or in your task tray that may be connected to your camera, or using the camera’s LiveView video signal. For example: Canon's EOS Utility or an application connected to the camera like another video conferencing app. It sounds like EOS Utility is grabbing the camera first based on your description. When you connect the camera, there is an icon in the top right corner of your computer screen for EOS Utility. Make sure that you close that. It will keep the Webcam Utility from connecting to the camera.

Thanks John_Q!

To start with a clean slate, I removed the EOS Utility from the Login Items and restarted my machine.

I turn on my camera and then the EOS Webcam Utility Pro is the first app launched.  It appears as below:


I then close the Webcam app and launch the primary intended app - Zoom.  When I navigate and select the Camera it appears as such:


The Console app does not show any errors.

Anything else that you can think of that might help?


Another update... After waiting for a few months for an updated version of the App, I called Canon and was directed to try the Canadian version of the Webcam Utility, which did not work.  This issue seems to be the latest version of the Webcam Utility App.  Equally as frustrating is that I'm told that it is not possible to obtain the version that DID work.

This is bad service.


As an update to this issue... Canon Support has been helpful in trying to resolve this issue for me.  We've tried all steps.  Today we noticed that the Webcam software on the Laptop that works, is  It provided a way to upgrade to 2.1.18.  When I upgraded the Webcam Software, I was no longer able to get a feed to the Laptop.  There may be an issue with the newer version of the software.  I will also be trying a single USB Mini to USB-C cable.


I was finally able to get something to work... Unfortunately it's not the latest version of the Webcam Utility.

I was able to find installers for older versions of the Webcam Utility Pro.  2.0.30 Installed but did not even open. 2.0.12 Installed and DOES work; however it seems like that the App has to be open for any other app to use the Camera.