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trouble with grain 5d3



Do you see them when you develop the image with DPP?

in dpp they just look super soft and amost pixelated and like loads of dots forming the pictures, almost grainy even at fair enough settings. There is never a clear focused area on any of my pictures whereas before id get tack sharp faces 


What program are you using to process the RAW files?  Do you have the noise reduction sliders set to zero (or too low) for the ISO you are using.


When I imported your B1833 file into Canon DPP it is applying 10.8 and 10.0 luminance and chrominance noise reduction respectively based upon shooting ISO and it doesn't appear excessively grainy to me.  By the way, on this image, the focus appears to be on the door behind the family.


For file B1046, by default DPP is applying 6.0 NR for both luminance and chrominance and again the noise profile of the image appears reasonable.


If you have the sliders set to zero (no noise reduction), then the image will appear similar to if it had been sharpened with much more grain/noise present.


The defaults for different ISO will vary by camera, for example the indoor soccer I shot last week with my 1DX2 shows luminance 6 and chrominance 10 as the default imports at ISO 10,000.  These are all starting values and should be adjusted for the best balance between grain/noise/color/sharpness in post.


On edit: here is a really fast quickly processed cropped version via DPP for comparison, I didn't spend any time with white balance or other changes and you could definitely fine tune the NR and sharpening further.  The original also appeared to be slightly underexposed to my eye which would also increase the apparent grain when corrected.


You caught a very nice pose!DX5B1046.JPG



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thanks rodger!!! have applied nr in lightroom etc I import them all from image capture onto mac then into lightroom. Thanks for looking and editing, I just cant see any part of this image that looks focus, faces are all blurred and worried to increase shutter speed because of the grain I keep seeing. If this was put on a canvas I worry it would just look completely pixelated, what do you think?

You are welcome!


According to DPP the focal point selected for that image is on the bride's flowers but at F5.6 you have decent depth of field.  It does look like there is some motion blur so maybe a wider aperture with faster shutter speed might have helped; you would want to make sure the focal point is on the eyes and the micro focus (adjusting the lens to the camera) is accurate.


I will leave it to those with more artistic sense than me to comment further since I normally do sports and I would be scared to death to shoot a wedding although I would probably be about as good at wedding photography as a certain NFL ref was at recognizing pass interference Sunday 😞



EOS 1DX M3, 1DX M2, 1DX, 5DS R, M6 Mark II, 1D M2, EOS 650 (film), many lenses, XF400 video