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the internal pins that connect to cf card


So I bought I used 7d. and I put a brand new flash card into it and it wasnt working so I brought it back to best buy. I got a 2nd card and same thing. So I looked inside the came and noticed one of the pins was bent. I bent it back and now the cards read fine. What would this cost if I had to replace the inner part at some point?



I don't know what it would "cost" to have that part serviced.... you'd have to phone Canon.  They may be reluctant to provide a repair estimate for a camera that they have not actually evaluated in person, but it's at least worth asking the question.


This is an uncommon issue, but not unheard of.  When I insert my CF cards I slide them in until they kiss the pins, then gently seat them.  Don't force the card in too quickly. 



Tim Campbell
5D III, 5D IV, 60Da


"This is an uncommon issue, ..."


I generally agree with every word Tim writes but not this time. Those pins can even break off! The issue is very common, at least in the world I run in.

It may be that the folks in my group tend to use more cameras with CF cards but I see this a lot. (Most consumer models don't use CF)

I do agree with Tim's method of inserting the CF card. Also you can use EOS Utility to get the photos off the CF card and not worry about removing/inserting it.

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