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So I'm very new to "action photography" specific to radio controlled cars. I have a canon 7D. I have learned how to set the c1-c3 to custom settings. For now I use the green "square" setting for group photo's and still "shop" photo's. I'm perfectly h...
Are there any extention lens I can use??? Any Ideas at all?? I'm using the 7d
I don't mind going used. I need something that will help With indoor warehouse type racing facility's with poor lighting.
I'm shooting an event tomorrow. I have a 7d and canon 28-135mm ultrasonic I'm gonna be shooting rc cars (action shots) what are the best settings us info what I have?? Thanks for any help!!
So I bought I used 7d. and I put a brand new flash card into it and it wasnt working so I brought it back to best buy. I got a 2nd card and same thing. So I looked inside the came and noticed one of the pins was bent. I bent it back and now the cards...
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