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I just sold my t4i and have about 700 dollars saved up for a new camera.  im looking ether to go with the 70d or 6d  theres certain things i like about each...  i do like the tilt screen and it being touch also the dual pixal af and i want to get into video more.  on the 6d it being full frame which is nice and the gps is a huge plus for me since i shoot outdoors a lot.  anyone know how the 6d video is i know i can buy a gps unit for the 70d but can you use a gps and a flas at the same time if so ill probably go with that


If serious video is huge for you, or faster daylight sports then 70d. If good IQ in lower than ideal light then go 6d.

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You are going to neither for $700 bucks, I doubt even a used one. But I suggest the 70D with the 18-135mm STM lens, if video is your first concern.

Remember these are DSLR's that do video, not video cameras that do singles! Smiley Frustrated

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I shoot video with a canon 6d and definitely recommend it if money is not an issue. With the larger sensor, better color depth, low light sensitivity among many other things it never lets me down. The canon 70d is also a beautiful camera and for video it has continuous focus, quicker auto focus when shooting video and a large price difference. I'll include a few videos below that I've shot with the canon 6d. Good luck and in the end I don't think you'll be let down with either choice.

" the end I don't think you'll be let down with either choice."


This is so true and only the pixel pickers will know the difference. In the real world of photography, modern cameras are all very good and well surpass the needs of the average shooter.

Why some folks think a cell phone is "good"? Smiley Surprised

EOS 1DX and 1D Mk IV and several lenses!